Actor Karan Interview

In a free-wheeling chat with actor Karan, he speaks about his early days of filmdom and his present status in the Tamil film industry
Journey from villainous roles into protagonists
Karan: Well, this questions sounds as though I have donned negative roles in many films. But the fact is that I have performed villainous roles only in few films. Fine! I am really elated that those every few films turned to be the highlighting portfolios in my career.
My friends suggested that I would precisely suit the character roles with positive shades. Indeed, I happened to win laurels on these new-fangled roles and with transcendence as film’s protagonist as well.  I don’t believe in the formulas of Good-and-Bad, but I want to accomplish every act with perfection.

The Minimum-guarantee tag…

These days audiences have become so aware about World Cinemas and it isn’t the way we just replicate some of the acts of avant-garde style here. I have worked hard to establish a specific place for myself and people have acknowledged me as a ‘minimum-guarantee’ actor. I would keep treading on the same trends to win their appreciations.

Actor Karan

 The films that gratified your interests….

Each and every film of mine has offered a great self-satisfaction. Be it ‘Nammavar’ with Kamal Haasan sir where I performed a baddie or the others films ‘Kannathire Thondrinal’, ‘Kadhal Kottai’ and ‘Love Today’ on character roles, these flicks did fetch me appreciations.

Looking back the way you started as a hero…
I am already done with 5 films in lead role that had exceptionally innovative script and an unique characterization. When heroes were portrayed in stereotypical roles, ‘Kokki’ broke all the barriers and astonished everyone. Right on the following film ‘Karuppasamy Kuthagaitharar’, it was completely a different characterization on positive shades. In ‘Thee Nagar’, I was delineated as a former student’s leader, which is something off-the-wall role. Can a hero get projected as a seller of illicit-liquors? ‘Kaathavarayan’ was a big exemplification for this context and ‘Malayan’ was yet another embellishment to my career as it offered a different role.

 I’m much concerned about taking up different roles in my upcoming films as well.

 Present projects….

I  have almost completed shooting for ‘Kanagavel Kaakha’, ‘Kandha’ and ‘Thambi Vettothi Sundaram’. Audiences have laid a strong belief that I am sure to entertain them with something uniqueness. Doubtlessly, these films will live up to their expectation values.

 In mere future, I can ensure that 3-4films will be released in year. Although I am getting more offers in Telugu, my focus is completely on Tamil films now.

 Special advice from his mentor Kamal Haasan?

 I would like to express my gratitude of thanksgiving for Kamal Haasan sir as he has been guiding me on every aspect. He offered a great opening with ‘Nammavar’ and this film has been keeping me ahead with honors.

 I was lucky enough to have Kamal Haasan sir announcing the title of ‘Kokki’ and accepting to launch the audio of ‘Kanagavel Kaaka’ at his very own residence, which is believed to be a temple by every actor and technicians of film industry.


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