Ajith’s choice from ‘Asal’ album

The audio launch function of ‘Asal’ happened today evening which was followed by a press meet. As the movie is produced by Sivaji Films, the producers decided to release the music album at the place where their father Sivaji Ganesan lived.

While addressing the press, Ajith said that he was happy about the outcome of the songs by Bharadwaj. When asked what his favorite song in the album is, “My favourite song is ‘Engey Engey’ which is sung by SPB. The lyrics of Vairamuthu for this song have a lot of resemblance to my life. I remember the times when some good souls encouraged me with a pat on my shoulders when I faced failures. I remember those moments when I hear this song” shared the actor while he spoke during the press meet.

Looks like our Thala will be receiving a special credit from the makers to have associated with the movie excluding acting in the lead role. We have to wait and see the unique credit being offered for the actor.

The music scored by Bharadwaj has seven songs in total. It’s worthy to mention that Ajith- Bharadwaj- Saran combo had given hit earlier and the same magic is expected to work this time too.

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