Ajmal speaks to media

Ajmal who threw a scare on us in the film Anjathey continued to do lead roles in the film 4777 and Thiru Thiru Thuru Thuru. He is waiting for the release of his film Kadhirvel. In a small interview he said as follows:

 Why there is delay in Kadhirvel? 

There is no delay in the film Kadhirvel. The shooting of the film will be completed. Only 7 days shooting is remaining. This film is about how a village youth gets caught in Chennai life and encounters various problems. How he overcomes these problems is the rest of the story. This is an action thriller film. Sunaina is paring with me in this film. Venkat who was the assistant of Charan is directing this film. 

There is news that you are acting in an English film? 

Yes. The title of the film is Binova. This film is being made in 8 languages including English, Hindi and Iranian. Chopri is directing this film. Aroshika Dey is the heroine of this film. As per the story the hero goes on a pilgrimage. After coming back how is life changes and what are the changes that take place is the rest of the story. This film is being made exclusively to be screened in film festivals. We will be screening this film in Cannes and other festivals. The shooting of this film is taking place in Kerala and Dubai. 

4777 and Thiru Thiru Thuru Thuru did not do well at the box office?  

Both are city based stories. The films did well in Chennai. The film did not do well as expected in B and C centres. 

What do you think about the young heroes who don villain roles? 

I have not kept any policy with regard to hero or villain roles. I have no longing to do ten films and act in duet and action scenes. I will do the roles which will be an appetite for my acting hunger. 

What is your next film? 

I am acting with Simbhu in the film Ko directed by K V Anand. I am also acting in a film directed by Prabhu who was earlier Shankar’s assistant. 


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