Ameer to boycott all filmy functions

Director AmeerDirector Ameer, who debuted as hero in the film 'Yogi', has apparently decided not to participate in any filmy functions for a year or so.  Till the release of 'Yogi', Ameer had been a regular at all the filmy functions and audio launches and had never failed to make his viewpoint clear on all the matters.  What then could have happened to him now?

The box-office failure of 'Yogi' hadn't reportedly gone down well with Ameer.  He was hard hit by the severe and no-holds-barred criticism of his film by the media and most of the vernacular dailies, with all of whom Ameer shared a cordial relationship and was on friendly terms.  He is said to have been hardly shaken by the film's failure, as he thought that the film would be cornering box-office glory.

Ameer has, therefore, has reportedly taken a personal vow not to take part in any filmy functions before delivering a hit film of the magnitude of his earlier 'Paruthiveeran'.  One of his erstwhile assistant directors, Chandra, launched a book recently.  Ameer was invited for the book launch but skipped attending the event.  Though Ameer's name prominently figured on the invitation card and Chandra was anxiously waiting for him, Ameer absented himself from attending the launch.


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