Avatar grosses Rs. 70 cr. in India

James Cameron's film continues to rule the Indian box office, with only way behind the Aamir Khan-starrer '3 Idiots' in terms of collections and records.  The film has surpassed the records of Titanic and the recent 2012 in a matter of just 3 weeks.  If Titanic had collected Rs. 55 cr. more than a decade ago, Avatar has been able to cross the mark in just 10 days!

If the figures are flabbergasting, the global collections are already pegged at $1 billion.  Coming to the local market, the Telugu version of the sci-fi extravaganza has collected Rs. 15 cr. already.  Which means that the film is making records like a mainstream Telugu film, starring our talent.

With the film's national market far exceeding that of a film starring a Salman or Akshya, Avatar's staggering performance is simply flabbergasting to the observers.

However, the question some of them are asking is whether this should be a cause of worry for our filmmakers.  Does it mean that Hollywood has grown tremendously, as never seen before in its long history in India?  Will its films be capable of turning the fate of our vapid releases upside down, if they are released alongside on, say, the same Friday?


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