Chennai is where my heart is: Soundarya

Soundarya Rajinikanth will not be moving away from Chennai post marriage. The youngest daughter of the Superstar confirms she will stay in the city and continue the show as a producer.

"I will of course settle in Chennai after my marriage with Ashwin. Why should I move away when my parents and Ashwin’s folks are here? Above all else, my production house is based in Chennai," she says.

Explaining as to why she selected a groom from a non-filmi background, the proud owner of Ocher Picture Productions says, "I am an entrepreneur and I'd like to be with someone who runs a business. I guess I have found the right person."

What's her Superstar dad's reaction to her selection? "Appa is overjoyed when I said Ashwin is my choice. Because, Ashwin’s family and my parents are family friends."

Soundarya proudly possess a ring presented to her by Ashwin. "I am very much admiring the ring he gave me when he proposed," she says with all smiles.


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