Director Anish speaks on AADHIKKAM – REALMS EVERYWHERE

One feels so compulsive to dominate the ambience. Be a homemaker or a politician: they are so adamant about high-and-mighty in their course of career or situations. 


In all likelihood, the present era of Tamil Film Industry is witnessing the realms of young talented filmmaker making a grand ingress with innovative ideas….  

Here we have an aspiring filmmaker ready to strike with his debut directorial ‘Aadhikkam’…. 

With his film progressing towards completion, the moviemaker throws some light on what ‘Aadhikkam’ is all about…  

A successful filmmaker is a master of pertinent and evocative ideas….

How do you justify this statement?  

Definitely, a filmmaker needs to convey his thoughts much appealing these aspects. In literal sense, I have won appreciations for my 15 short films. I am hoping that audiences will accept my first feature film as well…  

What is ‘Aadhikkam’ all about?  

‘Aadhikkam’ will loudly speak about the extremely alarming societal evils. Rowdyism, Black Market and so on…  

We have already seen so many films based on these themes….  

Definitely, there have been so many recitals of this genre. But I have tried exposing some of the most unknown hidden aspects prevailing in contemporaneous society. I am sure that audiences will have something more off an unique experience with those elements.  

Something about film’s crew…  

Populis Movie Makers have produced the film with debutant Vivin taking on the lead role. We’re into the pursuit of new face for female lead and ‘Ghilli’ fame Muthuraj performs the antagonist’s role.  The film is produced at a budget of Rs.5Crs and will be completed within 40days-schedule.  

Have you roped in new technicians for this film?  

Yes! We have offered Sriram, a talented musician to deliver the songs and he’s a renowned musical album maker across Singapore and Malaysia. Out of 5 songs, three numbers have been already canned. Ramesh Reddy and Nirmal have choreographed dance sequences while Action Prakash is the stunt choreographer.  

Is ‘Aadhikkam’ loaded with more violence?  

Naturally, when a film is brimmed with overpowering dominance of evils, there needs to be a persona of Herculean exertions to put an end. Definitely, there are some mind-boggling stunts with justifying reasons……  


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