Director Cheran Sword Action On Pirated CD Seller

Cheran seems to have become Don among Dons! He want his fans to indulge in violence and street fights taking law in their hands. He went on advising his fans to involve in street quarrels. He even went on to advice his fans and fans of other stars to do murder in day light!!!

It was audio release function of Jeeva’s Kacheri. Cheran got an opportunity to speak in front of the mike. He started speaking against those who produce and sell pirated cinema CDs.

He called upon his fellow actors to pay Rs 10,000 to each fan club in every district and make their fans to do the job of police. Cheran added that those paid fans should go to every CD shop and beat the shop owner if they find any pirated CDs.

Cheran, going one step further, said that as he learnt that Thenkasi people roam around with swords and lethal weapons, Cheran advised his Tenkasifans to slit the throat of the CD shop owner, if they come across anyone selling pirated CDs.


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