Fumes and flutters in Kollywood

A press meet was convened with regard to the illegal uploading of the film Jaggubhai which has Sarath Kumar and Shreya in the lead roles. This film was directed by K S Ravikumar.

This film was produced by Radhika Sarath Kumar under the banner Raadan Media Works. The news of the illegal uploading in the net has created flutters in the tinsel world. So an urgent meeting was convened to discuss the modalities in curbing the video piracy. Rajnikanth, Kamal Haasan, Sarath Kumar, Surya, Radhika Sarath Kumar, Sripriya, Lisy Priyadarshan, South Indian Film Chamber President K R G,Tamil Film Producers Council President Ramanarayanan, FEFSI President V C Guganathan, directors K S Ravikumar, R K Selvamani,  A R Murugadoss, Cheran, producers R B Chowdary, T G Thyagarajan, K R and Prem Menon participated in this meeting.

Director K S Ravikumar while speaking said,” Whoever sees me are asking why this happened to Jaggubhai. It is like people are offering condolences in a funeral. Instead of telling that we have been robbed the property worth Rs 15 Crores, it would be appropriate to say that we are murdered. That is the truth. Our one year hard labor has gone waste.”

Rajnikanth while speaking said,” Sarath Kumar and Radhika spoke to me about the Jaggubhai video piracy matter. They asked me to come to the press meet. I asked them what I should tell. They said they wanted my support and fans support. Normally fans and audience will see a film if it is good. They will not see bad pictures. Media people will also write good reviews if the film is good otherwise they will not write. I was supposed to act in Jaggubhai. There is something wrong in the title. Ravikumar and I discussed the story for three months. But somehow it got stuck. I felt that something was preventing me to do the film. So I decided not to act in this film. After a long time K S Ravikumar told me that Sarath Kumar is going to act in this film.

So I thought that this title did not suit me and perhaps it might suit Sarath Kumar. Initially Jaggubhai narrated to me had a different story. After this Ravikumar gave me the French film Wasabe DVD to watch. It was a fantastic film. The film is about a retired police officer and his daughter. The role is equivalent to ten times of Alex Pandian. That police officer’s daughter is a rich girl living abroad. Father goes to see her. A gang is after her to kill her. How the police officer saves his daughter is the rest of the story. I have to act as an old man. I am really old person and so I thought why should I act in the cinema in an old man role. Jaggubhai has a good story. The film will definitely succeed. Sarath Kumar and Radhika should not worry about this. Fans will definitely support this picture. It is also a sad thing that pirated DVD has come out in spite of spending Crores of rupees for this film but just think this is an evil eye. Our people are responsible for these kinds of video piracy. There is no point in going to Chief Minister to save the things that we have kept in the street junctions. If the film goes from the distributor or the theatre don’t give the films to such people. We can ban them. It is foolish to expect the Government to do all these things. It is not correct to ask the fans to bash these people. This will create law and order problem.

While Cheran was speaking he said that Kamal Haasan does not know anything except cinema and he cannot even run a petty shop. I also don’t know anything except cinema. Can I go back to conductor job at this age? We should take immediate action to curb the video piracy.Kamal Haasan while speaking said,” I will not agree to the term funeral house. What I request is bring the film Jaggubhai as soon as possible. I had the same bitter experience when I made Vikram. I went and cried to the then Chief Minister M G R. He asked me whether he can put the person behind the bars. He put the person in the jail. But the next day he came out. In truth we cannot reform the video pirates. We have seen people dying consuming illicit arrack in spite of arrack shops available. People feel happy when they watch cheap rated DVDs and VCDs. We cannot reform them.

Everybody is aware that Hey Ram VCDs were sold in Burma Bazaar. All these illegal activities come from black money. Money generated through the sale of pirated videos are being utilized for incidents like Mumbai bomb blast. We should explain to the people. We should make people understand that money generated from the sales of pirated videos are being used for terrorist activities. We should take steps to prevent these kinds of incidents in future. The laws should be made more stringent.

There are lots of loop holes in the law. We should block all these holes. We should not pave way for these kinds of incidents.’Radhika Sarath Kumar was not able to control her emotions. She started weeping and said that they could have shot her family in the mid street.Sarath Kumar and Radhika thanked the Chief Minister for taking immediate action against the culprits involved in Jaggubhai video piracy.


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