The ‘Goa’ press-meet

The press-meet of the Venkatprabhu-directed ‘Goa’ was held on the eve of the film hitting the silver-screens.  All others connected with the film was present except producer and soon-to-be-married Soundarya Rajnikanth, who was conspicuous by her absence.  Queries revealed that Soundarya decided to skip the meet as the pressmen would ask questions only about her impending marriage and not the film.


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Venkatprabhu, as casual ever, was facing a volley of questions from the newsmen.  When asked if he was going to remake Karagattakkaran, the Ramarajan hit of the late eithties, Venkatprabhu asked the journo who asked the question as to name the star who could star in the remake.  “Would it be Preji Amaren?  I think he could do a better job with karagam as did Ramarajan,” was Prabhu’s reply, which stumped the journo!

Venkat shared with some regret with journalists the news that the film ‘Goa’ has been slapped with an ‘A’ certificate and said that, “In Western countries, there is a grading that children below 18 could ‘watch the film with parental permission’.  In our country, there is no such grading, which has hit me badly.  I can’t say more than adding that ‘Goa’ is a jolly and feel-good film!”


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