Goripalayam not about drug-addicts: Rasu

Director Rasu MadhuravanDirector Rasu Madhuravan of 'Mayandi Kudumbathar' fame has launched 'Goripalayam'.  The film stars a host of actress in Vikranth, Ramakrishnan, Raghuvannan, Harish, Jagannath, Singampuli, Ravi Maria and Nandha Periyasamy.  

Shooting of the film, which was going on in Madurai for the past couple of months, has been completed.  The post-production, recording and dubbing work is in progress.  Taking time off his busy schedule Madhuravan talks about his film and denies that it's a story of drug addicts.

"The movie narrates in graphic detail the lives of four youths who are lured into the world of drugs.  I earnestly believe that the film would have a positive impact on the minds of parents and affected youths in particular and in general, on the society.  Usually the fans watcj with avid interest action sequences in films.  In my film, however, action sequences would bring tears in the eyes of viewers.

"Want to know why it is so?  This is the crux of the story.  I am sure that this will be a socially relevant movie" claims Madhuravan.


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