I am no more villain: Karan

He might have started his acting career playing a baddie in Kamal Haasan's 'Nammavar'. But Karan is no more ready to do negative roles, considering his present image.

"People saw me only as villain after 'Nammavar'. I was offered many negative roles, but had to deny as they didn't have much depth. As a product of Kamal's school, I always wanted to choose my films with care," he says.

Now that he has become a 'bankable hero' whose films are safe bets for producers, Karan says doing villain anymore may not go down well with the audience.

"Because I very well know the impact negative roles have in the minds of audience. Even though I might have impressed as a hero in films like 'Kokki' and 'Karuppusamy Kuthagaithaarar', 'Nammavar Ramesh' is still alive among masses," he says.


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