“I will not wait for good story” says Vijay

Vettaikaran has been released in New Theatres in Trivandrum. Vijay who had come to this theatre yesterday was chatting with his fans.


After this he had visited the poor student’s hostel and provided them free lunch and financial aid for some students. While speaking to media, he said,” I had come to Trivandrum for the 75th day celebrations of Pokkiri. After this I have come now.



Of all the films I have acted, I like Pokkiri and Vettaikaran. I cannot differentiate Tamil and Malayalam fans. Both are like husband and wife. They are so fond of me. I will act in Malayalam film if I get a good story. Director is the main reason for a film to be a hit.



Only if the director creates a good story, the film will be a success. Currently I am acting in a film titled Sura. This film will be released during the month of May. I also wanted to act in a different type of role from the usual stereo typed roles.



But I should get the director and producer for this to happen. I don’t have any dream for a particular role. I cannot wait for six months to act in a good story. My wish is to act continuously. I will also be acting in a Malayalam remake film Body Guard.”


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