Illayarajas day out

It was a unique experience for Illayaraja as well as for the students of MOP Vaishnav College for Women in Chennai, as the music maestro spent with them more than two-and-a-half hours on Monday.

As part of the Pongal celebrations, the 'Isaignani' interacted with the students at the college hall, sang along with them and answered to their questions.

When one of the students asked the difference between the Western music and Classic music, Illayaraja said: "Western music is like living with society and orchestration is necessary. But, classical music is directed towards the Almighty and there is no need for such accompaniment."

Igniting young minds in his address, he said, "Any form of classical music is made for youth. Music is something that should happen like a flowing river or waves of the sea. You cannot make it."

Describing harmonium as his best friend, Illayaraja said the instrument understands and shares his emotions. Going down the memory lane, Illayaraja said he grew up amid songs and accidentally accompanied his elder brother for concerts.

"Thus I became a music composer. I am still in this field because I don’t know music. I still have so many things to pass on to the younger generation," he said.


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