Is Goripalayam about drug addicts?

Raasu Madhuravan is directing a film titled Goripalayam after Maayandi Kudumbhathar. Vikranth, Ramakrishnan, Raghuvannan, Harris, Jaganath, Singam Puli, Ravi Maria and Nanda Periasamy are starring in this film. The shooting of the film has been completed in Madurai.

Raasu Madhuravan while speaking about this film said,” This film is not about the youths addicted to drugs. It is about the youths who lives are destroyed because they choose the wrong path. Once the parents see the film, they will show concern for their children.

I believe that even children will start following their parents. Mostly the audience will enjoy the action sequences. But in this film they will cry when they see the action scenes. Why this is the story. I have told the practical thing in a stronger way.”


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