K V Anand, Rajesh Yadav feel happy

Winning of a Dada Saheb Phalke award by veteran cinematographer V K Murthy has made cameramen in Tamil cinema happy.

Describing Murthy as the first south Indian cinematographer to capture the hearts of Bollywood film-buffs, filmmaker-cinematographer K V Anand says, “I have always admired his lighting and contrast techniques. Even in those early days of film making, he had the aptitude to experiment. He is our role model and all his works are our study material.”

Rajesh Yadav (of ‘Pokkisham’ fame), one of the young breed of cinematographers making his mark in films is thrilled at Murthy’s recognition. “It is time the cinematographer gets his due. After all, it is he who gives life to a director’s dreams. It is an apt honour for Murthy, whom we all adore and admire,” he says.

Equally happy is veteran cinematographer B Kannan. He says: “It is the best thing to have happened to Indian cinematography. It is a proud moment for us. I have watched Kagaz Ka Phool over 15 times and each time his camera work has left me wonder-struck. His films with Guru Dutt are breathtaking.”


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