Kacheri Arambam: Different climax

Kacheri Arambam: Different climax Actor Jiiva's next movie, Kacheri Arambam, is his home production and is directed by debutante Thiraivanan. 'A man who forces a girl into a relationship and a man who leaves the woman who loves him, are not men at all. This is the essence of my movie Kacheri Arambam. Jiiva plays a character called Pari, who is the kind of guy who is very giving. If someone likes something of his, like a cell phone and asks for it, Pari will not hesitate to give it to that person. But when it's his girlfriend the person asks for, Pari will not cooperate. How he saves her from that someone and how they begin their life together is the rest of the story. Though it sounds like a very action-packed story, we've presented it with a lot of comedy and commercial elements, that are bound to make it an enjoyable experience for the audience,' reveals the excited director about his debut movie. Ask him what's the most special aspect about his movie and pat comes the reply, 'The climax! That is what will either make or break the movie! Typically there are two ways to end a movie a fight in which the good guy knocks good sense into the bad guy, else the good guy gives a lengthy sermon that causes the baddy to change. In our movie, it's a combination of both. After every statement the good guy thrashes the bad guy. The climax is a proper mix of emotion and action. It's a risky take, but we took it!' CLICK HERE for Kacheri Arambam Photo Gallery. CLICK HERE for Jiiva Photo Gallery.


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