Madhavan wants new formula for Kollywood

After Yaavarm Nalam, a horror flick that managed to terrify audiences, Madhavan has not appeared in a Tamil flick. He’s been having a successful run in Bollywood, with the recent Three Idiots only adding to that, in spite of the controversy it gave rise to. But do not for one moment think that like everyone else who migrated successfully to Bollywood, even Maddy has abandoned base. No, the reason we don’t see much of him down South, save in TV commercials, is because the actor is tired of the mass formula that is recycled and reused here ever so often.

“There are a lot of talented stars and technicians in Tamil cinema too. But for some reason, we are stuck on the same formula. We need to try something different – something absolutely different. It’s no use blaming the audience any more. These days, the audience is open to radical and innovative ideas. We really must try something new,” insists the actor, who admits that he would love to team up with directors such as Gautham Menon and Lingusamy once more. Also on his wish-list is a movie starring himself, Vijay and Ajith! Now that would be radical indeed!


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