Madurai does not guarantee a hit: Samuthirakkani

Madurai does not guarantee a hit: Samuthirakkani
Madurai has become the official backdrop for rural subjects with rowdy themes. Known as The Temple City, it has now become synonymous with violence, thanks to that kind of a portrayal in so many movies in the recent past. The city does to a certain extent have a shady side, but there is so much more to life in Madurai than what Tamil Cinema conveniently showcases! However, keeping Madurai as the backdrop does not justify the script in many cases, nor does it lead the movie to success. 'Movies like Kadhal, Gilli, Subramaniyapuram did not become hits just because the stories took place in Madurai. There was a lot of substance to the scripts and the artistes did a fabulous job. Directors should choose the backdrop for their movie depending on what the script demands. Just because you have a rural action script, you cannot place it in Madurai and expect a hit,' opines director Samuthirakkani (also spelt Samuthirakani).
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