Mumait Khan- The Naga Devatas


Known for his science fiction and horror thrillers, filmmaker 'Yaar' Kannan is back in action with 'Pournami Naagam'.

Featuring Mumait Khan in a dual role for the first time in her career, the film revolves around two 'Naga Devatas', who want to perform a ritualistic dance before Lord Shiva in a bid to save the world from the fast approaching collapse and annihilation.

Says Mumait Khan, "It is an opportunity for me to prove that I am not just a good dancer, but also a talented actress. Doing dual roles is no easy task. I have tried to excel in both the roles".

She adds: "I have seen 'Yaar' by Kannan. I marveled at his skill to narrate a super-natural thriller in a convincing manner. I had no hesitation when he approached me for this movie. Such a role has been performed by actresses like Sridevi and Sripriya earlier. I wish I can match their performance in 'Pournami Naagam.'


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