Nasser re-enters Kannada

Actor Nasser is making a re-entry into Kannada films ‘Suryakanthi’, directed by KM Chaitanya. He plays grandfather to the hero Chetan and pairs with Kishori Ballal who in real life is many years older to him. Director Chaitanya in convinced about the casting saying that in many Tamil films Nasser has played father to actors who are elder to him. So, it’s all in the game.

It all happened after a telephone call to by Nasser to Chaitanya after watching ‘Aa Dinagalu in Bangalore. When Nasser first called to appreciate Chaitanya the director had thought at first he must be an aspiring asking for a role in his film through compliments. But when Nasser identified himself, Chaitanya was pleasantly surprised. The incident made it easier for the director to approach him to cast in Suryakanthi."


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