'Jaggubai' pirated CDs: The real story?

Though the industry seems very united in expressing its shock, anger and disgust at the way in which the CDs of the yet-to-be-released Sarath Kumar-starrer 'Jaggubai' has come to the open market, there are quite a few from the film fraternity who view the issue 'differently'.


The latest info on the 'Jaggubai' front is that the film has already been insured!  In the recent spell of riots that rocked Hyderabad in the aftermath of the struggle for separate Telengana, a recently-released Telugu film suffered extreme losses to the tune of a few crores.  The producer, who had wisely insured his film prior to its release, is said to have got all the money that he lost.

Unconfirmed sources say that the producer of 'Jaggubai' (Radaan Media Works) had reportedly taken a huge amount as loan from a Bank, which had recently served a 'notice' to the production house asking it to repay the Rs.7.5 crores taken allegedly for producing the film.  Anonymous sources say that the makers of 'Jaggubai' might have made the leak of the CDs very big in an apparent attempt to check-mate the Bank!

This one seems to be a potentially 'interesting' theme for a thriller.


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