'Ich': Prabhudeva not bothered about Govt. grant

PrabhudevaThe new film starring 'Jeyam' Ravi in the lead and to be directed by choreographer-turned-actor-turned-director Prabhudeva, has been named 'Ich' (the sound of kissing!).  Editor Mohan, father of 'Jeyam' Ravi, has reportedly instructed his star son that he should first complete the shooting of Ameer's 'Kannabiran' (whose shooting is yet to take off) before committing himself to any other film(s).

Actor Jeyam RaviMeanwhile, Prabhudeva had been told by his friends that the word 'Ich' wasn't a Tamil word and that as such, he won't qualify for the grant to be provided by the Tamil Nadu government.  Prabhudeva is of the view that the title 'Ich' appears to be the one and only appropriate word to match the script and that he won't be unduly bothered if the film doesn't get any grant/assistance from the Government.

A couple of other films, '24' starring Vikram and Ileana in the lead and '16' starring 'Mirchi' Siva in the lead, have also been caught up in the 'Tamil word' duel.  The makers of these films have reportedly started debates as to why shouldn't the title of their respective films shouldn't be qualifying for the governmental grant.


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