Rajini shocks Dhanush


Dhanush's joy knew no bounds when he got a call from his father-in-law Superstar Rajinikanth. And it happened when the actor was busy answering to the questions of viewers on a music channel.

The 'Kutty' hero was talking about his Pongal release in the live show when he received the Superstar's call. "I initially thought that someone was playing prank. But I soon realised that it was Rajini sir," says the happy son-in-law.

The Superstar told the actor: "Hi Dhanush, I watched 'Kutty' at a special screening and enjoyed it thoroughly. It has all the ingredients to become a hit. It will definitely bring audience to theatres along with their families. All the best."

Over to Dhanush again: "I was stunned. It was a pleasant shock for me. Since 'appa' never does such things, I was speechless for a few seconds. I am overjoyed and he made my day. And as he predicted, 'Kutty' has been receiving a positive response from the box-office."


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