Rajni’s robot get ups uploaded illegally in websites

Shankar was secretly shooting the film Endhiran. Rajni has donned two roles in this film. One is of a scientist and other of a robot.

Shankar was very careful that these getups should not be leaked. He even engaged security men at shooting spots to prevent people taking photos in their cell phones. Most of the shooting of Endhiran took place in software companies. Only the scientist portions were shot in public.

Rajni’s getups including the robot getup were uploaded in the websites. The crew is shocked about this leak. Few months ago the song sequence featuring Rajni and Aishwarya Rai was shot in Peru. These stills also found their way to the net a few months ago.

Shankar also conducted an enquiry regarding this. Endhiran stills are constantly being uploaded in the net in spite of severe vigilance.


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