Rakshitha becomes a producer

Rakshitha who had paired with Vijay in Madura and with Simbhu in Dum had been married to a Kannada director Prem. Now she is launching a production under the name Prem Pictures on 24th of this month.

Rakshitha will be producing a Kannada film titled Jogiah which will have Shiv Rajkumar in the lead role. This will be Shiv Rajkumar’s 100th film. Rakshitha while speaking about this said,” I made my debut in the film which had Punith Rajkumar in the lead role.

This film was produced by Shiv Rajkumar. Apart from working with Rajkumar family, I also wanted to produce film with my friends Sharmila and Ramya. I have decided to motivate to motivate the talented people in Karnataka.

I have no faith in importing heroines from other places and spending heavy on them. There are lots of talented actresses in our State itself. I am going to introduce them.”


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