Ramnath Shetty opens up...

One can point out that Ramnath Shetty’s poetic camera work was one of the highlights of ‘Pazhassi Raja’. He had captured the beauty of the thick forest and exuberant war scenes with his lens. M T Vasudevan Nair, the film’s scriptwriter once had it that Ramnath will be winning the recognition of the State Government for his work.

We caught him fresh as he started working for ‘Mandhira Punnagai’ that began from 4th Jan. The cinematographer shared his experience working for a Malayalam film with us. “It was my long term wish to work for a magnum opus in Malayalam and I am happy that it came true with ‘Pazhassi Raja’. There is a wide assumption that a periodical film must be filmed in sepia tone but, I avoided that tone and used the normal colour tone. I divided the zones on the basis of the natural light available at the place where we shot and used suitable different lighting tones,” said the cinematographer.

Ramnath revealed that he had to fly above 100ft above the ground level and shoot the war sequences of the film. He also added that it was the toughest scene shot during the entire filming.

“Karu Pazhaniappan impressed me with his script. The film is completely based on Chennai with its mechanical life and realities. I like Super-35 as of now and it is the best among the others so, I’m using it in ‘Mandhira Punnagai’,” he signed off.


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