Sachin and Dhoni to dance with Vijay!?

Vijay is quite desperate to ensure that his 50th film ‘Suraa’ turns out to be a super hit.  The adverse criticisms about his latest film ‘Vettaikkaran’ and the results haven’t been music to his ears though he puts up a brave face by saying that his fans liked the film.

Sachin Dhoni Vijay

Feeling the heat, however, Vijay is said to have started secret plans to add a ‘special element’ in his upcoming film ‘Suraa’.  He has reportedly given some unwarranted ‘advice’ and ‘tips’ to S.P. Rajkumar, director of ‘Suraa’, to make the film an absolute entertainer.

In a desperate move to bring crowd to the theaters Vijay is said to be contemplating the idea of getting cricketing heroes Sachin Tendulkar and Mahendra Singh Dhoni to shake their legs with him in the film. It is said that Vijay has appointed a ‘team’ of close friends to get in touch with the stars and arrange for their call-sheets for shooting with them for a day or two.

While it is highly doubtful that these cricketers would agree to be part of such gimmicks, the idea itself sounds bizarre, as the actor restores to such ideas rather than concentrating on story and the script.


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