Sadagopan Ramesh’s loss is Arya’s gain

Now that Sadagopan Ramesh has become a hero in Tamil cinema, the cricketer has revealed one of the best kept secrets of him, that he was approached by late filmmaker Jeeva to act in ‘Ullam Ketkume’.

“Jeeva wanted to me play a cricketer in ‘Ullam Ketkume’ (the role was later played by Arya). But I was not able to do it since I was busy with cricket then. Hence I expressed my inability to Jeeva,” says Ramesh.

On his ‘heroic venture’ Patta Patti, Ramesh says, “I appear myself, Sadagopan Ramesh, the cricketer. It was on the sets of ‘Santosh Subramaniam’ I met Yuvaraj, the director of the film. Impressed by the comfort factor in the script, I accepted the offer.” The cricketer however feels little uncomfortable to act in romantic scenes. “There was a kissing scene and I wasn’t comfortable doing it. But the director insisted on having it because the story demanded it. So I had no other option.”

Maintaining that he is ready to act in films if good scripts come his way, Ramesh adds: “I don’t want to compromise on few things when it comes to cinema. And one among them is a good script.”


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