‘Pugaipadam’ sans artificiality

Rajesh Lingam’s ‘Pugaipadam’ is tasting success at the box office as viewers are spreading positive comments on its realistic narration. The film tries to be maximum realistic and totally devoid of all the normal formulas in which campus stories are filmed in Tamil. In fact Kodaikanal looks at its best in ‘Pugaipadam’.

Views have expressed that after a point of time, it's hard to believe that all the seven friends are actually actors who enact their role and have done a commendable job. The USP of the film is its script and next to it are the films songs. The melodies of Gangai Amaran take you to a dreamy world.

‘Pugaipadam’ seems to be humorous and light till the 20th minute of its 2nd half. And then it takes a sudden twist and races towards an intense climax. The climax is unpredictable and the whole film gives a new dimension to friendship.


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