Sci-fi Avatars romps home Golden Globes

Hollywood's most expensive film made at an epic Rs. 1200 cr., has won the highest number of Golden Globes in history.  Of all the awards, the Best Drama honor it has got, is said to be the most glorious one.  The film was released on the 18th of December and shook the global box office from day one.  Directed by James Cameron of the great Titanic, the film belongs to the genre of science-fiction.

Hollywood observers view the Golden Globe awards for the movie as a great fillip to the already immense market of the film.  Its cast and crew members Sam Worthington, James Cameron, Zoe Saldana, Jon Landau and Sigourney Weaver were upbeat about their film winning the best dramatic motion picture.

Great recognition did come Cameron's way to, who won the Best Director award.  Humbly accepting the award, the genius addressed criticism of the movie as violent as well as the news that some of those who watched the movie suffered suicidal thoughts, because they found Pandora too idealistic, while Earth was not so beautiful.  He said, "You can’t think about anybody on the planet, as a group of people, who are less fortunate right now," and also said, "the movie is anti- the inappropriate use of military force."


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