Seeking Britney Spears in Kerala!

Seeking Britney Spears in Kerala!
Popular US singer Britney Spears has been in the headlines of Malayalam newspapers for the last three weeks like never before after rumours started that the singer would be arriving at the tourist destinations of Kumarakom or Alappuzha with her kids to ring in the New Year.
It was said that Britney Spears would welcome the New Year on a houseboat at either of these places. However, no one is reported to have met the singer during this period and the ever-thickening mystery behind Britney Spears' arrival still continues.
Starting with routine enquiries to houseboat operators, hotels and tour agencies, a massive hunt by a group of reporters and cameramen was going on everywhere including speedboats, wheezy motorboats or wobbly fishing boats for the past four days, but in vain.
Local sources reveal that every houseboat on Vembanad Lake had cameras focussed on foreign passengers, particularly women, since few of the hunters had seen Britney Spears even on television. The pursuit continued even in the night. A Malayalam newspaper published a photograph of a well-lit, high-end houseboat, saying it had a 'beautiful foreign passenger' which could be Britney Spears.
The latest story is that the 'beautiful foreign passenger' watched a Kathakali performance along with 15 others of her group, had Kerala food and even had newspapers delivered on the boat. So was it Britney? Don't bet on it!


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