Soundarya speaks about her marriage

The wedding engagement of the industrialist Aswin and Rajni’s daughter Soundarya is to take place on 17th February. Soundarya wile speaking about this said,” I know Aswin for the past one year.

My parents and his parents are good family friends. When I told my father about our love, he agreed. This love marriage has taken place with both the parents’ approval.

I am really that I have chosen Aswin. I did not have the intention of selecting a bridegroom from my profession. At the same time Aswin respects my profession. After marriage we will be staying in Chennai.

His business and my business are in Chennai. Where else can we go? The engagement function is to take place on February 17th. The date of the marriage is yet to be fixed. The marriage will also take place this year. The final stage work of the film Goa is going on. This film will be released by end of this month.”


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