Supreme Court seeks details from Kushboo

The Supreme Court on Tuesday asked Kushboo to produce transcripts of her interview given to a magazine and published in a Tamil newspaper on pre-marital sex.

When Kushboo’s counsel Pinky Anand read out a portion of her interview whose translated version in a newspaper created furor and led to filing of 23 cases against her in various courts, the apex court wanted to know the exact sequence of the question and answer and asked the advocate to provide it in two weeks.

A Bench comprising Chief Justice K G Balakrishnan and Justices J M Panchal and B S Chauhan asked: “Why did you make such an extensive wise statement on virginity?”

Pinky Anand termed the complaints made against the actress “false, frivolous” and said Kushboo’s comment was in response to a survey on premarital sex conducted by the magazine. Describing these as part of her right to freedom of speech and expression, Anand said Kushboo’s fundamental right could not be curtailed by persons with vested interest, who had systematically unleashed a series of complaints against her.

It all started four years ago when a comment by Kushboo on premarital sex and virginity came under adverse light. “None of the educated people will insist that their bride be a virgin,” the actress said reportedly. Following this, 23 cases were filed against her all over the country and she rushed to the Supreme Court and got a stay on proceedings.


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