Those who produce and sell pirated DVDs should be bashed says Cheran

Jaggubhai which has Sarathkumar and Shreya in the lead role has been directed by K S Ravikumar. This film was illegally uploaded in a website by Shankar Ganesh, a diploma in engineering before the official release of the film.

He was arrested and remanded to judiciary custody. This has created a great sensation in Tamil film industry. This was well noticed at the audio launch function of the film Katcheri Arambam which was held in Sathyam Theatres at Chennai yesterday morning.

This film is being produced by Super Good Films R B Chowdary. His son Jeeva is doing the lead role in this film. Thiraivannan is directing this film.While speaking on this occasion Sarathkumar said,” The act of uploading film in the websites before the release of a film will destroy the cine field. The cine field can be saved only if the people involved in such acts should be totally destroyed.

Then only we can save thousands of technicians.”Cheran while speaking after Sarathkumar said,” It is surprising that pirated VCDs and DVDs are manufactured ever after the Goondas Act is invoked. So we should find out where this crime originates.

This is not a new crime. It has been happening for a long time. It has happened to small actor’s film and since no one bothered about it, it has happened to Sarathkumar’s film. If we simply keep quiet, this will happen to big star films also. Patukottai Kalayansundaram had said that the theft cannot be abolished unless the thief himself reforms. But these words will apply to his days.

These days nobody will reform. So we should bash up the people involved in video piracy. For every actor there are fans. So if they have a will they can do it. So in each district 10 people should be engaged for this purpose.

We can also pay a remuneration of Rs 10,000 per mensem.”When Chennai City Theatre Owners Association President Abhirami Ramanathan spoke, he said,” There is a law enacted in Maharashtra State. Like punishing the video pirates, the purchaser of the pirated DVDs will also be punished.

We should also enact such kind of law to curb video piracy.”South India Film Chamber President KRG, Tamil Film Producers Council President Ramanarayanan and other important film personalities participated in this event.

Since it was Jeeva’s birthday yesterday, his fans thronged in large numbers to greet him. 500 fans of Jeeva donated their eyes. Producer Michael Rayappan presented a gift to Jeeva on account of his birthday.


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