Trisha denies hotel rumours

Actress TrishaActress Trisha is widely rumoured to have just finished ‘constructing a huge hotel’ in the Telengana region which she plans to leave under the care of her parents.  The rumours further state that in view of the ongoing Telengana strife, the hotel has not yet been inaugurated.  When would the inauguration be?

When asked about this, Trisha denies the very fact that she had actually built a hotel in the Telengana region.  She clarifies further that this is just one of the many rumours floating about her in the industry from time to time.  She adds that rumours of her marriage was also a figment of imagination of some rumour-mongerers.

Another rumour doing rounds in Tollywood is that the shooting of her Hindi film was yet to begin and that Trisha hasn’t shot a single day for the film ‘Khatta Meetha’ opposite Akshay Kumar.  It is also said that Trisha, who was very busy in giving finishing touches to Vinnai Thaandi Varuvaaya (Tamil) and Namo Venkatesa (Telugu), couldn’t allot dates for the shooting of the Hindi film, which would mark her debut in Bollywood.


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