Trisha's New Year resolution

Actress TrishaWhat is Trisha's New Year resolution?  The beauty from south India plans to turn vegetarian in the year 2010.  "I earnestly feel that it's a sin to kill living beings and eat them.  But have got to admit that I'm a non-vegetarian myself and relish the meat items.  My New Year resolution would be to turn a complete vegetarian in this year" says the lass.  

She goes on narrating her love for the animals. "Whenever I come across incidents of ill-treatment of animals, I used to get out of my car and fight with the perpetrators of such cruelties. With such a nature in me, I just can't decipher as to how I turned a non-vegetarian.  Hopefully, this year would see me going vegetarian, I presume!" says Trisha.


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