Venkat Prabhu & Premji - Tee sense

Need not to mention about how hilarious the team of ‘Goa’ is..... We saw the whole team in cool casuals for the simple but stylish audio launch they had with our Superstar in his home.

One can never see a film’s director treating his team as pals and the shooting spot as a holiday spot. Just like Goa’s tagline denotes, the whole team had a gala time with Venkat Prabhu as their captain. Wanna know how cool they are? Just take a look at the snaps of Venkat Prabhu and Premji from Goa’s audio launch and read out whats there on their Tees!

And those who are close with Premji can even ask him about his favourite Superman Tee…

Now we know what made them to give films like Chennai-28 and Saroja…..


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