Vijay TV Acquires ‘Porkkalam’

In the recent times, Vijay TV is peaking towards high TRP for its unique programs. On pars, they’ve been into the big run of acquiring satellite rights over the recent releases as well.

It’s been illustrious with the films they’ve telecasted for past couple of months. Now, we hear that the satellite rights of ‘Porkallam’ have been sold out. Well, don’t presume this deal to be a run-off-the-mill. For the first time, a film made by newcomer has been sold out across all centres and satellite channel without even a single clip being screened for the buyers.

It seems that producer himself hasn’t watched even a single sequence and director Bandi Saroj Kumar didn’t reveal anything more than the teasers we’ve been watching.

‘Porkkalam’ will be releasing tomorrow across 125 Centres and since it’s a film completely based on a filmmaker’s potentials, anticipations are literally more


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