Vijayalakshmi says that she is not in love with Krishna

Vijayalakshmi made her debut in Chennai 600028. She is the daughter of director Agathiyan. She had acted in Saroja and Adhey Neram Adhey Idam.

She is also acting with Rajnikanth in the animation film Sultan the Warrior. Now she is pairing with Krishna in the film Katradhu Kalavu. There are rumors in the cine circle that Vijayalakshmi has fallen in love with Krishna.

When asked Vijayalakshmi about this, she said,” There is no truth in the news that we are in love. It is only a rumor. Krishna is my good friend and there is only friendship between us. Whenever I act with any hero, the news is spread that I am in love with that person.

On the first day of the shooting of Katradhu Kalavu, there were rumors that I am in love with Krishna. After this there were rumors on the internet that we got secretly married and we have children. I don’t know who is spreading such false rumors against me.” After this she answered the questions asked by the media.

Which kind of men do you like? I like men who have sense of humor. I also like men who take me for shopping.

Do you like men with mustache or not? I like men with mustache.


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