Aayiram Vilakku – Not With A Tragic Climax

A film based on gangsters set in backdrops of Madurai – Can you make a guess over such films’ climax? Why not, it’s so simple even for a 5yr old kid. Doubtlessly, such films are distinctly interwoven with tragic climax with hearts of audiences being wrenched.

But director Hochimin assures that his upcoming film ‘Aayiram Vilakku’ will break those clichéd traits of Madurai-centric flicks. The film is about a goodish don played by Sathyaraj, whose life takes a turn of great enlightenment when a young boy (played by Santhanu) enters into his life.

Much as the title signifies, rest of the film is about the young guy sparkling the don’s life paradisaically. Totting up to this, Hochimin assure that the climax has been crafted with positive notion that would manifestly delight the audiences.


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