Aishwarya breaks Rs. 10 Crore mark

Gone are those days when only the heroes were offered the highest package. Gone are those days when heroines used to get only a tiny percentage paid for the hero.
Now the heroines are demanding as much as a hero if not more. Lakhs have gone out of fashion and crores is fast losing its sheen.
Recently eye brows went up when Kareena Kappor was reportedly paid Rs. 7 crores for a Hindi film. Now jaws are dropping to hear Aishwarya Rai getting paid more than Kareena.
It is spreading that the producer Bobby Pushkarna of Page 3 fame is offering Rs.10 crore to Aishwarya for a film. Bobby is resolute to have Aishwarya in the film which is planned on the lines of Jag Mundhra’s Provoked.  He wants to do the film with Ash and only Ash.
So obsessed with Aishwarya’s presence in the film the producer even goes on to say he would shelve the film if Ash doesn’t agree to do the film.
How much Shankar would have paid Aishwarya for Endhiran?


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