Ajith and Rajni ignore Jaguar Thangam

Ajith-Rajni ignore Jaguar Thangam

The more stunt master Jaguar Thangam lashes out at actor Ajith and superstar Rajinikanth, the more does our respect for both stars increase, given the dignified composure they continue to maintain in spite of his provocative statements.
A few days ago, an attack was made on Jaguar Thangam's residence while he was away shooting for a film at Madurai. Even before the police were informed, Jaguar Thangam was called and without any proper evidence, the stunt master kicked up quite a row, alleging that the attack had been made on him by fans of Ajith. He was demanding Ajith's arrest which did not happen. Angered that his demands had not been heeded, he threatened to bring in members of his caste to attack Ajith's residence. Security was tightened around Thala's residence immediately. Jaguar Thangam then made a statement that he had lodged a complaint against Ajith with the Nadigar Sangam and was sure they would take some action.
He told presspersons yesterday that he wanted an apology from Ajith for the attack against him and that Ajith also owed an apology to FEFSI for his statement at the function felicitating Kalaignar Karunanithi. When a certain member of the press pointed out that Rajinikanth had given Ajith a standing ovation for the mentioned statement, Jaguar Thangam did not think twice before saying that no one ever took the things Rajni said seriously and that there was every possibility that the superstar might twist the meaning of his words or actions later on. And while Jaguar Thangam is busy getting all the attention, the targets of all his attacks -- Ajith and Rajinikanth -- have not even flinched! A silent stand that tells everything: whose words should be taken seriously and whose not!


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