Ajith eyes on direction

Its nothing new in Ajith arranging for a press meet as it’s his routine to meet the press surely every time before his film releases. Yesterday the star met the press in Adyar Park Sheraton Hotel and took snaps with everyone.
When everyone was eager to hear some good tidbits from the star, he disappointed us by not giving a chance for a Q&A session. However, he disclosed his idea of turning into a director. Ajith who has grown to a height of becoming the co-director of ‘Asal’ said, “I have a lot of interest to step into direction. Though I won’t be doing it anytime sooner, I plan to gain more knowledge and do in the future.”
“I don’t want to get into politics coz I want my films to be enjoyed by politicians too. The ones who are unsuccessful should feel consoled and the ones who succeed must feel cheerful when they see my films”, added the actor.
“At times, it happens that things are forced upon you even if you are not for it. It will happen when you have no option but to accept it. But now I am in apposition to decide what I want. So do I still need use Ultimate Star as my tag? No”, he finished the small chat and went on with the photo session.


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