Ajith on being politically correct


Ajith Kumar has been in the news quite a lot lately, and that is quite astonishing, given the way he keeps a dignified distance from all things controversial these days. First, he made a big splash with his latest movie Aasal [Asal] and his behind-the-scenes contribution to it. Then he made a big bang when he went on stage at the recent FEFSI function and pleaded with the Chief Minister Kalaignar Karunanidhi to make a statement that actors should not be forced to participate in politics. Then he made headlines when he hit the racing track in Sriperumbathur, after a six-year break to finish at number seven. Then once again he was in the news for his impromptu visit to the CM, which many say was to clarify the statement he made at the FEFSI function. And now, most recently, he's been dragged into the attack at Jaguar Thangam's residence. All this in less than a month! Phew! But he remains unperturbed, because he has had enough lessons in his career to know when to to react and when to put on a blank front!

"There have been so many times when I have wondered why I got into cinema! As an actor, the people expect so much out of you. Even when you are in the middle of a family emergency, when you are flocked by fans for autographs, you have to take a breath and sign a few of them. If you hurry past them immediately you will be labelled a snob. Being an actor means everything you say has to be well thought out if you don't want to get misconstrued. You have to wear a smile on your face at all times and that is really a big effort," admits the actor.


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