Aravind Akash says that girls are scared to marry actors

Aravind Akash made his debut as an actor in the film Chennai 28. After this he did the lead role in the films A Aa E Ee and Panchamirtham. He had also acted in Saroja and Goa.
While speaking to the media he said,” There were lot of appreciations about my acting in Goa. I should thank my director Venkat Prabhu for giving me such a good role. You cannot say that I have done a small role in this film Goa after doing lead roles in other films.
If I had acted with Jai and Premji in a villager role, it would not have suited me. Since I did the role of a person living in Goa, it fitted me well. I did six pack for this role. There are complaints that Premji was given much importance because he is the brother of Venkat Prabhu.
These accusations are not correct. Goa is a comedy film and the scenes pertaining to Premji were structured like this. The scenes were I get beaten by him were fantastic comedy scenes. I am not worried that I wasn’t given main hero role in this film. Producers only finalize the heroes. Many are asking me when will I get married. It is not an easy thing for an actor to get a girl. People are scared to give their daughters to actors. If I get a good girl I will definitely marry.”


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