Grand Football Stadium For Jeyam Ravi

It’s about a matter of 10shots and the producer has spent approximately Rs.10Lakhs for erecting the set. The makers of ‘Thillalangadi’ have been burning both the ends of candle as AGS Entertainment has already acquired the film’s rights on the day of movie launch.

Recently, we heard that a song ‘Sol Pecchu Ketkaadha Sundariyae’ has been shot with extensively with latest technological attributes. Apart from this, Editor Mohan had spent such a big sum for raising sets of Football Stadium across the outdoor of Prasad Studios in Chennai.

According to the reports, it’s a scene of Jeyam Ravi’s reentry and is expected to receive some response amongst audiences. It seems that the producers have shelled out nearly Rs. 2 ½Crores for the picturing of songs.


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