Nadigar Sangam supports Ajith Kumar

Followed by the gaudy shows put up by other executive members of industry related associations, Nadigar Sangam pulls in for the situation by extending substantive support to actor Ajith Kumar. As in earlier reports, it all started off with his stunning speech at CM felicitation ceremony about actors being threatened to attend the political and social issues.

Before couple of days, producer V.C. Guhanathan and Kalaipuli Sekaran had commented that an actor must abide by the rules implemented by the council.

Apparently, the topmost officials in Nadigar Sangam – Actors Sarath Kumar and Radha Ravi have made abrupt statements condemning them that actors shouldn’t be anymore offended by them.

The executive members of Nadigar Sangam have clearly mentioned that any issues pertaining to actors can be sorted out within themselves and shouldn’t be laid out under public glare.


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