Origin of Aayirathil Oruvan sets

Maybe, Aayirathil Oruvan did not appealed to the sensibilities of certain audience, but that doesn’t lessen the skills of technicians, who strived to bring extraordinary outputs on the screen. If it was G.V. Prakash and cinematographer Ramji astounding us with their brilliant masterpieces, here’s yet another technician, who happens to be the biggest backbone and he’s none other than art director Santhanam. Having mentored nearly 500 set decorators, it nearly took 300 days to put up with the grandiloquent sets of Chola Dynasty’s present lineage.

Says art director Santhanam, “Though it was a backbreaking task, we are interested in bringing out best sets as it exposed the potentials of Selvaraghavan and goodwill of producer Ravendran on spending so much cost on sets. We created the Chola cave regions in 40 days. When Kamal Haasan sir was busy with his preproduction works of Marmayogi, he visited the sets along with Hong Kong based art directors and technicians. When they got to know that these grand sets were created within 40 days, they openly confessed that it would have taken at least 3 months for them to accomplish such a difficult task….’

It’s really marvelous to witness such eminent personalities taking their vision forward. And if producers can promote their films with such factors, our Tamil films are sure to reach across the farthest ends of globe.


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