Rajini's advice for Lawrence Raghavendra

Lawrence Raghavendra has constructed a Raghavendra Swami Brindavanam temple in Thirumullaivayal in the suburbs of Chennai which was opened to the public on the 1st January 2010. It has been said that there is a constant inflow of devotees everyday and on Thursdays alone which is said to be an auspicious day for Raghavendra, around 4000 bhakthas throng the temple and offer their prayers. Food is being served to the devotees on Thursdays alone.

Superstar who is an ardent Raghavendra swami devotee is constantly keeping in touch with Lawrence to find out how the temple is being run. In one of such discussions, Rajni had reportedly told Lawrence to keep the words “Bow down and come inside, you will be granted what you seek” (Thalai vanangi ulle vaa, kettadu kidaikkum) at the entrance of the temple. Lawrence has plans to keep these enshrined words on the 21st of February which happens to be Raghavendra Swami’s birthday.


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